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Mixon Fruit Farms 2525 27th St E, Bradenton, FL 34208


Phone: 941-301-4636

Dear Patriot,

It’s election season! Next in our series of candidate speakers: Meet Jim Shaw.

He’s an ardent 2A advocate…

…and he’s running against RINO Wilton Simpson to be Florida’s next Commissioner of Agriculture.

Come hear what Jim has to say on the issues for this important statewide position at Manatee Patriots Tuesday May 10 at Mixon’s Fruit Farms.


Read on to be informed about important events and simple actions you can take to make a difference.

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JIm Shaw Bio

Skippydeedoodah! Support Saturday May 7 Event Fighting Sex Trafficking

Date Change: ‘The Good, Bad and the Ugly’ MCRLC Meeting Now June 23

From FL News Report: The Quiet War Raging Within the Florida Republican Party

Tell Senators to Vote 'No' on Pres. Biden's Radical SPLC Nominee

Who: Jim Shaw, FL Commissioner of Agriculture Candidate

When: Tuesday May 10, 6 - 8 pm

Where: Mixon’s Fruit Farms

             2525 27th St. E.

             Bradenton, FL 34208


Questions? Contact Manatee Patriots at 941-301-4636 or Email:


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Our meetings are free, informal,  and fun and you can enjoy our free light refreshments at our snack bar. Plus, you’ll meet like-minded patriots, learn about our government and our freedoms, and get encouraged, inspired,  and informed.


Jim Shaw Bio 


Politics = Policies = Beliefs = Faith

I am a 12th Generation American citizen!


Life Experience:

*Transportation 20 Years 

*Managed 600 person facility...525 Teamsters (Local Union 430 Harrisburg, PA)

*Owned/ Operated a trucking transportation company of 200 non-union associates and two locations between Nashville, TN/ Allentown, PA

*Owned/ Operated 3 Auntie Anne's pretzel franchises 

*Real Estate Investor/ Owner of 50+ units 

*Owner of 30 Acre Composting Farm



*Colgate University '83 (Hamilton, NY), BA, Sociology / Anthropology 

 *’82 Honorable Mention, All American College Football Player


*Married 39 years (Patricia), 8 Children, 20 Grandchildren

Fellow Floridians: 

Don't take the position of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture lightly! It consists of: 300 commodities, 19 Departments and 3600 employees.

In a nutshell, it touches every aspect of every Floridian, everyday. It needs a seasoned manager, with education, business, and life experience…A no nonsense individual who will protect your rights, when it comes to your daily life. 

-Farmers don't need useless restrictions.

-Consumers need a good product at a fair price.

-Gun owners can never be forced to disarm or compromise. 

My name is James W. Shaw married 39 years, 8 children, 20 grandchildren. I have a lot to protect! I'm in your corner. 

I need your vote,

James W. Shaw

Republican 2022



Support Saturday May 7 Event Fighting Sex Trafficking


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Date Change: ‘The Good, Bad and the Ugly’ MCRLC Meeting Now June 23

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 From FL News Report: 

The Quiet War Raging Within the Florida Republican Party



This is a truly insightful look at the FL GOP—See the short excerpt below and click the link to read the rest. You can subscribe to Florida News Report at the site as well.


“All around the State of Florida, a quiet war is raging in the Republican Party, and it’s being played out in the county GOPs. The Republican Party has been known as the “Grand Old Party” or “GOP” since the 1970s, because we saved the Union...

“…The Establishment Republicans should ask themselves, “What would Democrats do?”  And we know the answer - they never give an inch, and they fight to the political death.  This is the same characteristic that both President Trump and Governor DeSantis bring to the table, that makes them so popular, but which is oddly neglected by the Establishment RINOs.”

After reading the FL News Report article, Republican Party of Manatee County chairman Steve Vernon sent this comment:

The article missed Manatee County nestled in between Sarasota, Hillsborough, and Pinellas.  


Led by Chairman Steve Vernon, the Manatee GOP has fully embraced Trump loyalists, America First, and Constitutional Conservatives with open arms!  He covets new members willing to work hard and help win local elections for those candidates who stand for Republican Principles and Conservative values. Under Steve Vernon's leadership, the Manatee REC has increased new members by almost 50% in the last 4 months.”

See the full article here:


From AFA

Tell Senators to Vote 'No' on Pres. Biden's Radical SPLC Nominee


President Joe Biden has nominated Nancy Abudu, a radical, political activist employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), to serve on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Abudu currently serves as the strategic litigation director for SPLC. This means her job is to sue those who don’t agree with SPLC’s radical “woke” agenda by attacking religious liberty, biblical sexuality, and the sanctity of life.

The SPLC consistently smears those with opposing views as “hate groups” and “extremists” and continues to do so despite the dangerous consequences. Abudu joined SPLC even after the group inspired an individual to attempt mass murder against Christians who work for the Family Research Council (FRC). The attempted murderer targeted the FRC because SPLC dishonestly designated it as a hate group simply because it holds biblical views on sexual truth. SPLC ignores that fact that faithful Christians and Jews have done nothing more than to remain faithful to the same biblical truth regarding human sexuality that has existed for thousands of years.

Take action now: Click on the picture below to contact your senators and tell them to oppose the nomination of Nancy Abudu:


An Informed Citizenry is the best weapon against tyranny!

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